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Dear BHSEC Families,

The end of this school year has been hard and each grade has had its challenges. My daughter, a Year 2, was not able to say goodbye to her teachers or friends in person, did not have a prom, and is attending her graduation in front of a computer. I have heard from parents in other grades that their kids have equally heartbreaking stories. But I remain optimistic for the year ahead and confident that the capable administrators of BHSEC Manhattan will find a way to engage with our students and families in a meaningful way. I have never for a moment ceased to feel grateful that my daughter attended this school, even during the quarantine.

This will be my final letter on the PTA Website as the Board is turning over and new leadership is stepping in. I want to thank everyone on the Executive Board (which happily functioned as a team rather than a hierarchy): Davis Cayenne, Anne Colantuoni, Jesse Erlbaum, Pranav Ghai, Brian O’Gorman, Beverly Miller, Rosana Pena, Shawn Starbuck, and Jessica Van Vorhees.

Congratulations to the BHSEC class of 2020 and best wishes for all. Stay safe and healthy.

Alison Bowers, President

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This is Bard High School Early College Manhattan

A place to think. Rigorous inquiry. Informed analysis. Deliberative discourse. Intellectual talent. Exceptional teaching.

Student Stories

Writing & Thinking — Seminar Class

The Writing and Thinking Workshop is a weeklong intensive learning experience that provides Bard Early College students with exercises in critical reading and writing.

The Seminar Sequence is the signature humanities experience of the Bard Early College program. The four-semester interdisciplinary Seminar Sequence exposes students to seminal texts from antiquity to modernity, which students engage through critical reading and interpretation.

Community & Diversity

BHSEC students come from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. In addition to a rigorous academic schedule, students are involved in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

Diversity in the student body and in the school community as a whole enriches learning experiences by broadening the perspectives both inside and outside of classrooms.

Mathematics & Sciences

The mathematics department offers students at BHSEC Manhattan a range of courses in Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as Computer Science.

The science department provides a solid background in the three basic sciences, physics, chemistry, & biology and follows the physics first sequence.

Transitions…to 9th Grade, to the College Program, & to What Comes Next

Various supports are available to help students in the high school program, in the college program, and in applying to their next school.

The Writing Center, for example, supports students who seek individualized help on class essays and college essays. Students may make appointments for one-on-one tutoring

The Bardmaticians math club, for example, also operates the BHSEC Online Math Center. Students write down their questions on this open tutoring portal and the Bardmaticians respond with guidance.

The BHSEC Manhattan library website has further information on academic supports:

Art, Music, Dance, & Drama

The various art forms are not only a vehicle for expression, but also methods of investigation and problem solving. The intuitive and sensory skills developed by engagement in the arts work in parallel with the other learning disciplines, and are part of any truly liberal arts & sciences education.

A Bard Early College

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