End of the year message from the PTA President

Dear BHSEC Families,

On this last day of the 2016-2017 school year, we want to take a minute to say thank you to all of you who have helped to strengthen our Bard community this year–some in very visible ways and others in less visible, but equally impactful ways. 

To those who made the effort to come to PTA meetings, who attended any of our ticketed events or made it possible for our faculty to attend our ticketed events, who cooked, sent food, or helped set up/serve at our Faculty and Staff appreciation dinners in the fall and spring, who made generous monetary donations to the school through our Annual Appeal, our Seminar Book drive, and our silent auction, and who gave extra time and passion to serve the school as a parent leader–either on the PTA Executive Board, the School Leadership Team,  as chair of a committee, or as a facilitator or speaker during the course of the year–the entire school community is grateful for your efforts.  The success of the mission of our school depends on our families as much as our incredible students and faculty/staff, and it is no exaggeration to say that delivering the BHSEC education would not be possible without the extraordinary commitment of our parents. 

A hearty congratulations to our Year 2 graduates and their families as they cross the stage tomorrow at the United Palace Theater and accept their Associate Degree from Bard College President Leon Botstein.  We are all cheering for you and your accomplishments, and we know you will go on to great things and continue to be the best ambassadors of the BHSEC experience in the bigger world. 

And to those who will be returning with us next year, please remember that none of this can really be successful without all of us working together in the best way we can.  Have a wonderful summer, wherever your plans may take you, and mark your calendars for our Back to School Potluck and the first PTA meeting of the year on Thursday, September 14 at 6:00pm.  As always, you can reach the PTA Executive Board any time at contact@bhsec1pta.org.

Best regards,


Natalie Green Giles

President, BHSEC Manhattan PTA

P.S. At our June 8 PTA meeting, we had a long discussion about easy ways to bring in much needed money to our school.  It became clear that many were not using the Amazon Associates (different from Amazon Smile!) link set up exclusively for the benefit of Bard Manhattan, that brings in as much as 7% of your Amazon purchase to the school, while costing you absolutely nothing.  PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to use this link when making any purchases on Amazon–it can make a huge difference!  Please also share the link with family members who shop through Amazonhttps://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=bhsecmpta-20.  No other link (including “Smile”) offers the same percentage to the school, so bookmark this one!

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Our May PTA meeting featured our popular College Debrief. See Hawa speak in the video about how she chose a college.

This is Bard High School Early College Manhattan

A place to think. Rigorous inquiry. Informed analysis. Deliberative discourse. Intellectual talent. Exceptional teaching.

Student Stories

Writing & Thinking — Seminar Class

The Writing and Thinking Workshop is a weeklong intensive learning experience that provides Bard Early College students with exercises in critical reading and writing.

The Seminar Sequence is the signature humanities experience of the Bard Early College program. The four-semester interdisciplinary Seminar Sequence exposes students to seminal texts from antiquity to modernity, which students engage through critical reading and interpretation.

Community, Diversity, & BECA

BHSEC students come from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. In addition to a rigorous academic schedule, students are involved in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

Diversity in the student body and in the school community as a whole enriches learning experiences by broadening the perspectives both inside and outside of classrooms.

Mathematics & Sciences

The mathematics department offers students at BHSEC Manhattan a range of courses in Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as Computer Science.

The science department provides a solid background in the three basic sciences, physics, chemistry, & biology and follows the physics first sequence.

Transitions…to 9th Grade, to the College Program, & to What Comes Next

Various supports are available to help students in the high school program, in the college program, and in applying to their next school.

The Writing Center, for example, supports students who seek individualized help on class essays and college essays. Students may make appointments for one-on-one tutoring

The Bardmaticians math club, for example, also operates the BHSEC Online Math Center. Students write down their questions on this open tutoring portal and the Bardmaticians respond with guidance.

The BHSEC Manhattan library website has further information on academic supports:

Art, Music, Dance, & Drama

The various art forms are not only a vehicle for expression, but also methods of investigation and problem solving. The intuitive and sensory skills developed by engagement in the arts work in parallel with the other learning disciplines, and are part of any truly liberal arts & sciences education.

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