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Our Annual Fund is an essential source for:Expenses

1) Enhancing our students’ BHSEC Experience and Academic Support

2) Helping the school make ends meet, and

3) Supporting the work of the faculty.

Your donation helps keep class size small, pay for college books and teaching supplies, defray the cost of full time faculty, maintain a rich variety of college courses, fund theater, student activities and clubs, graduation, yearbook, travel, sports and team uniforms, and support key programs such as the College Transfer Office, school library, and the arts, and Third Street Music program.proposed portions

Our Fundraising Goal: We ask every family to consider a donation of $1000 or more per child. We also welcome donations in amounts that might better fit your family’s budget.

Gift Matching Your employer may offer a gift matching program which may double or triple your donation. To find out more, visit the Gift Matching section.
Participation Since our students benefit equally from our school’s unique early college program, we need 100% participation to help the school make ends meet and continue to provide a strong program for all.We believe that parent participation in any amount is the foundation for our students’ success, and we thank you in advance for your generosity. We will acknowledge your donation with a letter for your records.

Return on your Investment Your donation is an investment in your child’s education at Bard High School Early College. With the combined giving of the parent body, we help our children achieve their fullest potential. Additionally, the 60+ college credits our students earn at BHSEC are valued at $30,000 at SUNY and perhaps more at other universities.

How does the Annual Fund support our students?

When you donate, you support your child in several ways including: 1. Keep class size small – When we, parents, pay for school supplies, we also help the school allocate more DOE funds to hire teachers, and keep class size small. Research on class size reduction proves that it increases the achievement levels for all students while simultaneously reducing the achievement gap 2. Support music education – Research show conclusively that music education equips students with the foundational abilities to learn, to achieve in other core academic subjects, and to develop the capacities, skills and knowledge essential for lifelong success. The PTA pays for the whole music program and two theater productions every year to benefit all students.

3. Physical Education and Sports– Healthy body, healthy mind – Support our students’ physical education program and sports activities. Research results indicate a consistent positive relationship between overall fitness and academic achievement. That is, as overall fitness scores improved, mean achievement scores also improved. 4. Support the College Transfer Office (CTO)The CTO advises students starting in Year 1 as they begin considering colleges to attend. The staff educate students on the process and help them select, visit, communicate with, and apply to colleges and universities. They understand the college application process and assist students and families in finding the right match. The CTO also advocates for our school by visiting and educating top colleges across the country about our distinctive curriculum and students’ unique achievements. 5. Subsidize International student programs – The PTA makes student and faculty participation in the various affordable and possible by subsidizing the cost of the program. We provide assistance and scholarship for trips to Spain, Italy, China, Turkey and Japan. 6. Professional development and grants for Faculty – We also fund special grants to faculty who go the extra mile for our students and support their efforts. Grants pay for field trips, museum and theater tickets, special projects and more. But the most important reason of all to support your child’s education because in these formative adolescent years, the quality of education your child receives is key to their success in higher education.

PTA of Bard High School Early College is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping our students and faculty at BHSEC Manhattan, so your contributions are tax deductible. Tax deductible donations reduce your tax burden – Parents who itemize their deductions reduce their tax bill when they make a tax deductible donation to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations like the BHSEC PTA.

Please click to review this year’s approved budget to see how your contributions help our students.


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