The mathematics department offers students at BHSEC Manhattan a range of courses in Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as Computer Science.

Why take courses in mathematics? To gain exposure to a wide array of mathematical topics and mathematical ways of thinking that are useful across a large variety of contexts and disciplines, including the physical, social, and life sciences; to develop problem solving skills; to develop quantitative and computational thinking to a point suitable for further study in college.

Math thoughts

On 9th grade math:

But it was just really nice to have that adaptability and respect and responsiveness already in 9th grade.

—Finn Clark (class of 2016)

On teacher encouragement:

…but his words were just something that really really touched me and inspired me to keep working and I think that’s something really special about Bard, you kind of have an opportunity to connect with teachers in a way you wouldn’t at other institutions.

—Eoin Gronningsater (class of 2016)