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Bard High School
Early College

Donate to the BHSEC Manhattan PTA

525 E. Houston Street
New York, NY 10002
212-995-8479 x2281


What We Fund

  • All seminar books used in the Y1 and Y2 college program

  • Teaching and building supplies for BHSEC faculty and staff

  • Student activities and after-school clubs

  • Theater productions

  • Graduation costs

  • An overnight college trip for Year One students

  • Arts faculty

  • Athletic team uniforms

  • Library subscriptions

The PTA of BARD High School Early College is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax ID Number is 81-0612857. All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with the IRS rules and regulations.

The link below connects to BHSEC Manhattan PTA By-Laws for approval by vote May 2019

PTA By-laws for approval May 2019

The PTA advocates for BHSEC Manhattan students, parents, faculty and staff, helping to maintain open lines of communication and an exchange of information between all parties. All families with a child at the school are automatically granted free membership to the PTA. Perhaps most importantly,  we help raise money so the school can sustain its high  level of academic rigor. Our financial support helps cover the cost of full-time faculty, which helps keep class size small. Listed are just some of the programs to which we contribute or cover the cost of entirely


BHSEC Manhattan Events

2023-2024 school year


PTA meetings are Thursdays from 6-8pm unless otherwise specified


SLT meetings are Mondays at 5pm unless otherwise specificed

  • September  11, 2023

  • October 2, 2023

  • November 6. 2023

  • December 4, 2023

  • January 8, 2024

  • February 5, 2024

  • March 4, 2024

  • April 8, 2024

  • May 6, 2024

  • June 3, 2024


PTA Leadership

Michele Orecklin, PTA co-president

Michael Wesslock, Co-Treasurer

Yan Yang, High School Co-VP

David Mizner,  High School Co-VP

Rosalyn Scaff, PTA co-president

Brent Stehmer, Co-Treasurer

Anthony Massucci, Secretary

Jennifer Weiss, Early College VP

Carol Turitz, Parent Coordinator

Questions for the BHSEC PTA please email


Checks can be made payable to: The Bard High School Early College PTA

Mailing address:

attention Carol Turitz

525 E Houston Street, New York, NY 10002

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