Register Your Family with the PTA

Please take a moment to fill out the form to register with the PTA so that we can keep you informed of upcoming events and important dates. If we don’t have your contact information, we do not know how to contact you. We obtain family contact info directly from families, not from the school. Thank you.

Ways to volunteer and connect

The PTA sponsors two faculty dinners every year on the day of the evening parent-teacher conferences. This dinner is VERY much appreciated by our hardworking teachers and staff who cannot easily get dinner between the end of school and the start of evening conferences at 5:30.

Everyone wants Bardware!  Students need to shop during school hours, and parents often buy items when at school events like PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences and student performances. Please contact the PTA to volunteer. We will train you and pair you with other volunteers so the experience is more fun.

Every November we organize a phone-a-thon where we call all families and urge them to donate to the BHSEC PTA. We have a system and we train our volunteers. We need many callers from 6-9 pm for 1 evening. We also need expertise in MS Word and Excel to update our sheets and data, and mail/merge know-how to prepare call sheets from master lists. Callers can volunteer for 1,2, or 3 hours on that evening.

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