Diversity in the student body and in the school community as a whole enriches learning experiences by broadening the perspectives both inside and outside of classrooms. The mission of the Diversity Initiative at Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) is to promote both diversity within the BHSEC community and provide leadership opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.

The director really spoke a lot about vulnerability and what it means to be vulnerable, for people to accept you, and for you to show that—you want to be confident about it—that was something I never really did because I felt like if you‘re being vulnerable it’s like weakness—and no one wants to see you as a weak person—but I realized…through working there, it‘s okay to talk about things that matter to me, and not necessarily not care what people think—but shouldn’t that I deeply care about—and I want you to care about it too. You might not care about it in the end—but I’m going to tell you—and hopefully you listen—and, there I realized that … I am someone that cares about stuff, and I want you to care about it and I want to be a voice for people like that.

—Aly Brown (class of 2016)